Mobile homes & kiosks

Recent few years PROMIX has been present at Croatian market as a supplier of ice-cream kiosks for company LEDO d.d., the biggest regional ice-cream producer. In that period we produced and installed over 150 Ledo-kiosks at various locations along the Adriatic coast, which we found a good result for our company as a new producer in this section.

This year we have been trusted by UNILEVER Croatia order for 15 trial kiosks on the basis of available construction solutions.

According to the customer´s needs so far, our kiosks were exclusively for seasonal trade purposes, although some of them have been used during the whole year in continental Croatia. Their minimalistic design was in accordance to requests. When UNILEVER entered into our customer´s portfolio, they showed interest in additional improvement in kiosk design, so PROMIX started serious activities on development in this area accordingly.

TUBE-line of the kiosk, starting with 2 basic models, now is spreading on 6 planned groups with more than 18 basic models and many possible varieties of design, from 5 to 47 m2 floor area and in all seasons designs.

Picture and animation show basic outlook and areal possibilities of the kiosk. But its potential on the selling place is not only in its attractive look, functional and as great as needed working area, but also in equipment which can be integrated into it.

On the same construction basis, PROMIX starts soon with developing its mobile small houses which are expected to be attractive to camps, touristic companies seeking solutions for accommodation of seasonal workers as well as other subjects and people involved into tourism.